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Friday, December 14, 2012

We Need Christmas Today

Today amid the hustle and bustle of Christmas, I was finally confronting my garland "project" to decorate my stairway. But while I was working I kept tearing up with the tragic news of the school shooting in Connecticut. And soon, my 1st grader bounded in through the front door. I could hardly hold back the tears. My oldest baby came home to me today - some of those Connecticut families will not have their babies come home. They are feeling broken and saddened beyond anything I can relate. I am humbled and my garland project seems trivial and minute. And so I write...

As I shed my own tears I kept coming back to the important message of Christmas. It should ring louder today. The birth of Jesus Christ brought us a Savior who died for us, who can heal our broken hearts, who can make us whole and save us. I know those victims - such tiny sweet babies - and the adults who tried to protect them, are safe, at peace, and cradled in the arms of their Creator. The community of Newtown needs the hope and promise our Lord and Savior gives. It will be the only way they heal and recover. And for all of us, far away and removed, our hearts hurt too...and we must be grateful, hug our kids a little tighter, and look to this same Savior we most especially revere and worship at this Christmas season. He is the reason for the season, and the hope we can rely during tragedies such as this. Please pray for those families. Pray for that community. Pray the Spirit of Christ can bless and heal their empty and broken hearts. It is the only power strong enough to overcome such sadness. 


  1. Well said. So heartbreaking and so important to remember the Savior at times like this.

  2. Thank you for your thoughts on this. It is the only thing on my mind since Friday and was the topic of church today several times. Sending prayers and hope to the families in Connecticut