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Friday, December 14, 2012

We Need Christmas Today

Today amid the hustle and bustle of Christmas, I was finally confronting my garland "project" to decorate my stairway. But while I was working I kept tearing up with the tragic news of the school shooting in Connecticut. And soon, my 1st grader bounded in through the front door. I could hardly hold back the tears. My oldest baby came home to me today - some of those Connecticut families will not have their babies come home. They are feeling broken and saddened beyond anything I can relate. I am humbled and my garland project seems trivial and minute. And so I write...

As I shed my own tears I kept coming back to the important message of Christmas. It should ring louder today. The birth of Jesus Christ brought us a Savior who died for us, who can heal our broken hearts, who can make us whole and save us. I know those victims - such tiny sweet babies - and the adults who tried to protect them, are safe, at peace, and cradled in the arms of their Creator. The community of Newtown needs the hope and promise our Lord and Savior gives. It will be the only way they heal and recover. And for all of us, far away and removed, our hearts hurt too...and we must be grateful, hug our kids a little tighter, and look to this same Savior we most especially revere and worship at this Christmas season. He is the reason for the season, and the hope we can rely during tragedies such as this. Please pray for those families. Pray for that community. Pray the Spirit of Christ can bless and heal their empty and broken hearts. It is the only power strong enough to overcome such sadness. 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Conservatism Lives

Last night was tough. I watched as my hopes for a Mitt Romney presidency were dashed one by one with the swing states going to Obama. And here in Washington, the voters approved gay marriage and  recreational marijuana use, which really took the wind out of my sails. I gave into the deflation last night. I let myself be sad - admittedly, VERY sad. 

Before I went to bed I snuggled each of my kids in their own beds. I kissed their sleepy cheeks and caressed their hair. Despite my government and community fostering what I consider immoral values and fiscal irresponsibility, my responsibility as a parent remains devoted to my three sweet little girls. That will never change. My husband came home just before midnight. We were texting back and forth as election results came in, so he was not surprised to see a weepy lump on the couch. Like always, he honed in my focus on the "bigger picture".  No matter what occurs outside our home, our obligation is to this family and we will teach our children to live a responsible, moral life despite a government endorsing the opposite. My fears can overtake me if I let them, but my hope and faith must champion over the doubt. Last night I vowed to wake up today renewed and focused; clear and calm. And I did (despite my puffy eyes). 

I am flying my flag again today. My pride in this country did not die last night. Conservatism did not die last night. Our nation has sacrificed too much to allow the loss of one important election to derail the course of Conservatism, truth, and morality. The cause shifts to the people and I have faith in the American people. The election results are clear on one thing: our great nation is divided. I hope and pray President Obama and our elected officials can somehow come together and save our nation from the fiscal cliff, sequester, and our debt crisis. So much of importance is ahead and giving in now to the fear and worry solves nothing. 

No matter the result, my resolve is the same. I love this country too much. And I will support my leaders so long as they chose a moral course forward and live within the framework of the Constitution. If not, I will fight and champion the causes within my own sphere of influence in a civil manner.

I am STILL proud to be an American.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day!

I went a bit "off the grid" over the past few days. A "girls weekend" came at the perfect time as the stress of these final days leading up to the election has been a bit overwhelming. No radio, a little online reading, some discussions with friends, but mostly quiet anxiety...and a prayer of hope for today. 

From the beloved conservative himself, Ronald Reagan:
"We are a nation that has a government -- not the other way around. And this makes us special among the nations of the Earth. Our government has no power except that granted it by the people. It is time to check and reverse the growth of government, which shows signs of having grown beyond the consent of the governed... 
"...We, the Americans of today, are ready to act worthy of ourselves, ready to do what must be done to ensure happiness and liberty for ourselves, our children, and our children's children. And as we renew ourselves here in our own land, we will be seen as having greater strength throughout the world. We will again be the exemplar of freedom and a beacon of hope for those who do not now have freedom."
It's as applicable today as it was in 1981. 
If you need a boost today, check this amazing video, which came via a Facebook friend. It's fabulous. It is a perfect example of why I am passionate about Conservatism.

And even if you don't share my passion for Conservatism, PLEASE still exercise your precious right to vote. VOTE VOTE VOTE!!

I'm flying my flag today and wearing red, white and blue. As Mitt said, we vote for love of country. And today I LOVE my country. I get to tell them what I want. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Same-Sex Marriage on the Ballot

We are less than a week away until election day. Of course, my mind is constantly preoccupied with "Mittmentum" and getting that guy moved into the White House for the next four years. But there are some state races here in Washington that are turning into quite a fight. Or maybe not so much of a fight but more of a game-changer. 

R-74: Allowing same-sex couples to marry.
This is a society game-changer.

I found this WONDERFUL article today. I may be a little "out of the loop" but I haven't even heard of Dennis Prager until I stumbled upon this article. He is a conservative commentator and syndicated radio talk-show host. So, who knew? Not me? But I may look for him from now on! Here are three amazing take-aways from his article:

(1) Prager provided the best view on the other "side" (aka the pro side) that I've seen to date on this issue. He talks about the "fairness" idea within the same-sex marriage argument. All the Pro-R-74 commercials are nice people who love each other and/or family members and want them to be able to marry and be happy. And not allowing them to marry and be happy is unfair. And Prager points out that is true. It is unfair. But when standards are created, they WILL always be unfair to some. He's right. Traditional marriage is not fair for some people and that made me feel more compassion on the issue than before. Simply recognizing this fact was good for me...and maybe I felt a twinge of self-guilt that I lacked more compassion on the issue before. But even though it may be unfair, it's not enough to swing the pendulum in favor of same-sex marriage (...keep reading). 

(2) He also does a VERY FINE job debunking the myth that denying marriage to same-sex couples is equivalent to racism. When I hear this argument, the hairs on my neck literally stand on end. I am not a racist. And I am not a hater. I am moral and I have a right to an opinion on a MORAL argument. Please read his full article if you think opposition to same-sex marriage is somehow equivalent to racism. No matter where you stand on same-sex marriage, it is easy to see how this issue is anything akin to racism. 

(3) His main point is so clear; I just loved it. He essentially states gender is important - vital, in fact to our society. Allowing same-sex marriage will erase gender identifications. My own religious doctrine also coincides with the idea that gender is not an accident: "Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose." Prager goes on to state a society that allows same-sex marriage essentially nullifies gender. Forget "motherhood", "fatherhood", mom/dad, male/female. Just watch...litigation over such titles will overflow in our judicial system (it already Prager points to specific examples). He goes on to point out why this will be so destructive. 

My point is...just read this article...wherever you stand on R-74 or same-sex marriage. It is worth 5 minutes of your time. 

Full article click here.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Debate #3 - A Surprise Result

The foreign policy-focused, third and final debate caught me a little off guard last night. I could not figure out why Romney, at the outset, did not zing Obama on Libya. And other times I thought, "Why is he giving the President a pass?" But it all became clear as the debate went forward and I kept thinking, "Man, is Romney calm," and "Why is Obama so snarky?" And as reports are coming out today, we are learning Romney's strategy was calculated and executed to perfection. [Smile] That is why THIS guy is qualified to be President. He knows how to look at the big picture and I thought his entire debate performance showed he has the capacity to lead this country.

Here is a brief rundown of my thoughts:

Obama: The media thinks he won it. I think he may have earned "points" during the debate, but I was frustrated at his outright lies (sequestration, status of forces agreement, Romney on auto bankruptcy, Romney's tuition scholarships, etc.), but I believe he again appealed to his base, so of course they will be happy. I also thought he seemed like he knew what was going on around the world - he should since he's been briefed daily since he was sworn in. I think he maintained his position with voters - probably not too many voters won or lost on this one. I also continue to be baffled at his lack of strategy for his second term...because hiring teachers and making our schools "Number one in the math and science," does not give me enough detail to vote you a second term. I appreciated Romney's calculated response, "Attacking me is not an agenda." Indeed.

Romney: I have been a Romney supporter for a while (towards the end of the primaries), but this debate made me REALLY LIKE him...and see him as a class-act, a leader and a Commander-in-Chief. He was well-versed and knowledgeable about world issues. He was relaxed, cool and calm. Where the President seemed snarky and childish (with a few of his low-blows and personal attacks at Romney), Mitt took the high road...figuratively and literally. He didn't even try to go back and defend Obama's remark about "bayonets and horses", which evidently some military members are a little miffed about today because they still use bayonets and horses...a lot. Despite Mitt not taking Obama to task on the Benghazi attacks, I was glad he talked about the "apology" tour, and Obama's discussion with Medvedev (Russia's President) and how Obama will have more flexibility after this election. I especially liked Romney bringing the focus back to the economy and our national debt. I hope most Americans can see he's completely correct: our debt will undermine us as a nation - prevent us from funding our military as needed, keeping our nation safe, and helping with peace-keeping and humanitarian efforts across the world. America will not be a nation of liberty and freedom and a beacon for the world if we don't have cash.

In Summary: Again, both sides are going to say they won. To suggest votes will be won or lost, I'm not so sure. But folks who still don't know Mitt, could certainly see him as the leader he will be: calm, calculating, smart, and above the fray. Charles Krauthammer said it best, "Romney went large, Obama went very, very small, shockingly small." I want a President who can focus on the big picture. I want a president who does not get wrapped up in petty accusations, snide remarks and childish asides. Personally, Obama turned me off...I just don't see what people "adore" about him. I have a hard time understanding how he can demand respect and validation from the American people when he treats his challenger with such disrespect. I also think Obama's attitude can be enlarged to a global scale: as he mistreats our allies and friends around the world and demeans our own nation, how can our country demand respect from the global community? I just don't see it. Romney can lead - and he WILL lead successfully. He has a thoughtful, calculated plan and Obama, as usual, has words, rhetoric and attacks Romney's plan. I hope the American people are smart enough to see content. Substance is what really matters. 

I hope the next two weeks aren't too unbearable for us all. Expect the claws to come out! The polls are so tight. And here in my own state, the polls for governor are so close. I am on pins and needles. So much excitement! Whatever your political leaning, just make sure you vote!! VOTE VOTE VOTE! Get 'er done!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Town Hall Debate - My Take

The much anticipated second presidential debate - with much talk about how the President will be more aggressive - did not disappoint in that regard. It was a pretty intense debate. Here's what I thought of each of the candidates:

President Obama: He clearly came out ready to fight. He was more aggressive and showed that he wants the job, but he didn't give many specifics about how he plans to manage the country for the next four years. He took the jabs his followers wanted: Planned Parenthood, Big Bird, 47%, Mitt's wealth, etc. But it takes far more than attacking your opponent to run a country - you have to actually be able to DO it - and I still don't think he made a case for that. Case in point: one participant's question (paraphrasing), "I voted for you in 2008 but I'm disappointed. Why should I vote for you again?" was met with an attack on Mitt Romney. Obama cannot state clearly what he wants to do other than give people a "fair shake, a fair shot," which I am sick of hearing, by the way. 

Governor Romney: I thought his performance was similarly steady to the last debate. What we continue to see is the real Mitt. After his previous debate performance, people exclaimed, "Wow! Mitt did the best I've seen!" but in reality they just hadn't seen all of Mitt before. He is always clear, concise, knowledgeable about his OWN plan and can make a good case for it. I was disappointed he asked Obama direct questions, which opens a door I don't think he should open. I also wished he would have SLAMMED the President on Libya after he deliberately lied about calling it a terrorist attack the day following the tragedy. I felt like it was a missed opportunity. In all, Romney was able to highlight the President's failed promises and shift the focus to Obama's record, not his rhetoric.

Candy Crowley: Yes, the moderator gets her own review because she became a clear-sided participant in this debate. First, the questions, which were obviously very left-leaning. I'm wondering why the question about George W. Bush was brought up. I feel bad for GWB because he hasn't been in office for four years and yet the poor guy is dragged into this presidential debate as if he is a big player. It completely panders to the Left and their argument that somehow Obama's failings are tainted by what Bush did. And I'm sorry, FOUR years. OBAMA has had FOUR years. The question on equal pay for women was an obvious answer to the Left's claim of a Republican "War on Women", and as a woman myself I'm a little ticked the Left doesn't think I care and can understand the economy, taxes, jobs and energy. Give women a little credit. And the AK47 question....what was that?!?! And lastly, Candy gets a big "X" because she swooped in to save the President on the Libya question, almost "fact-checking" for him, and she was wrong. Everyone can go back and see the President did NOT call the Benghazi attack an act of "terror" for over two weeks. She was citing something he said on a more high-level and gave Obama a pass. And I was mad.

Who won?
I think each side will claim they won. I don't think anyone will be on quite the "high" that came as a result of Romney's clear domination last debate. Romney's performance was great as before, but because the President did a better job than last time, the results seem pretty even. But each candidate catered to their base, which will please their followers. What's yet to be seen is if the President's outright lies will come back to haunt him, because he was wrong on his licenses and permits for drilling and completely lied about Libya.

What did you think?? 

Friday, October 12, 2012

VP Debate - My take

My expectations were high for this debate. Ryan had a lot to live up to after the Romney-dominated debate last week, and Biden, clearly with more experience, had the burden to win over what was lost last week. Honestly, upon the conclusion of the VP debate I didn't feel much. I wasn't super excited or on a "high" as was the case last week. Romney's clear win last week made life a little better and the world seemed brighter. 

With that being said, here is my take:

VP Joe Biden:
On substance I thought Biden did well verbalizing specifics and giving a clear view of the Obama/Biden plan going forward. He was clear and times I felt like he was shouting at Martha, but nonetheless I felt he seemed prepared and knowledgeable. I was disappointed in his Libya answers...that whole thing is so scandalous. I'm sure the left will be happy he hammered the 47% issue...although I thought Ryan was pretty good at "defending" it. But aside from Biden's content, his body language really irked me. His smugness, laughing, snide remarks, and constant disrespect of his opponent was distracting and rude. He came off arrogant and childish. At times I just thought, "You are a big jerk with the whitest veneers I've ever seen." He constantly called Paul Ryan "my friend", which is hardly a term of endearment when it comes from Biden. Whatever he won on content, I felt he lost in his treatment of his debate partner.

Congressman Paul Ryan:
Personally, I have to say I really like Ryan. He is so polished and polite and really seemed comfortable talking through issues. Even with Martha Raddatz giving what I considered Biden a bit of "help", Ryan held his own. And while he didn't blow it out of the park, he gave specifics that mattered. I especially liked his answer on abortion (although I'm not sure I like it taking center stage in a Presidential/VP debate). I think he was able to hold the ground Mitt gained last week. He didn't back down. I'm happy with the things he said on Libya, and thought he was clear to bring it back to Obama/Biden's record and slamming this administration for their poor foreign policy. His closing statement seemed to target the right issues whereas Biden's seemed a bit disjointed.

The winner?
I think I'm calling this a tie. Maybe the liberals will call this a win, but I don't know how you win over people with the body language Biden had last night. His total disrespect of Ryan just doesn't seem like a way to win people to your ticket. 

Only a few days to wait before the next Presidential debate. I'm sure Obama is going to come out swinging on the 47% issue...but Mitt is going to slam this administration on Libya. How can you not? The Libya scandal is so indicative of what I despise about this administration: lack of transparency, all-out lies from the President, and a ton of "passing the buck". A U.S. Ambassador was killed...let's not forget about that. See you Tuesday!